Our Journey

A far-out name.

The Cotarde concept appeared on the horizon over a series of flights between Europe and the Americas. Its name originates from "kokarda", a Polish word meaning "a bow" or "a loop". The very first idea of the Cotarde logotype reflected the  roots of its name, only to be upgraded to its current version, which emulates our future - one of innovations to come and a rotating plane propeller … as we are always on the go.

Born in Miami,
travels the world.

Founded as independent skin care research in 2013, today Cotarde reaches out from Miami, Florida, to all globetrotters who want to feel confident in their skin regardless of external conditions, climate or time zone. Cotarde is for those who want to see a real change right now.

Going places
take Cotarde.

Cotarde is the first beauty brand in the world entirely dedicated to pilots and frequent travelers. A true tribute to those who spend their lives flying from one location to another, dedicated to everyone who wants to feel confident and at ease when changing destinations.

Different type
of skin care.

Our products are a blend of skin care achievements with modern, often unexpected concepts reaching far beyond their category. Such an interdisciplinary approach has resulted in a limited collection of multifunctional and unisex items. As innovative as it is practical, this path takes us the extra mile to ensure that each product is relevant for those who travel.

instant results.

Goal number one – we want you to feel and see the difference instantly regardless of the type of product used. Each is designed to accent casual comfort and modern elegance. And each has a multiple role to fulfill.

Never ending research.

Each product is subject to Cotarde signature Frequent Traveler's Skin ResearchTM based on on-going real-life test, and conducted on pilots and jet-setters traveling globally. The sole purpose - to ensure instant benefits and effectiveness of every product as conditions change.
We will never stop researching our products.

A Traveler's
best friend.

Sharing personal experiences from frequent trans-Atlantic travels between the Americas and Europe, we put together our insights and observations to create something that would become irreplaceable when you travel. All Cotarde products are multifunctional and skin comfort oriented - made of select materials
(ultra light, with skin benefits, easy to use and travel with).

On the Go Boutique.

We embrace being small, doing research our way and having products featured in our online boutique. This is our space and ours alone, without interference from big corporations or any other organizations. We take inspiration from the dynamic energy of today’s world, with a human outlook to the future. We respect what nature gives to all of us.

We love freedom.

We love freedom of thought and the freedom of living our lives as we wish. Cotarde was created by people who believe they can go beyond traditional beauty and fashion to make us ready for the future. And yet our love for freedom goes beyond the usual associations as we share the vision of future jet setting - beyond our planet.  We want to be a travelers' first choice when they decide to take on this exciting journey. We believe freedom is the ultimate luxury.

Danuta & Victor

Danuta Dudek, PhD, MSc
Researcher - Skin care expert
with a passion for jet setting

Victor Pellon, MBA, MSc
MIT graduate - pilot & business pro
 with drive for innovation