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How to Travel and Look Awesome – 12 Onboard Skin Care Tips

Going places doesn’t have to be compromising for your skin. Don’t get stressed out about the difficulty of dealing with your skin when you travel. There are several tips you may want to consider when taking care of your skin while flying – from getting prepared to simple onboard treatments and post-flight to dos.
Discover them one by one.

Get ready

Exfoliate your skin gently with a small-grained scrub the night before you travel to remove dead skin cells and make up residue (it’ll leave your skin re-energized and prepared for the application of cream and more intense skin hydration).
Apply Cotarde Face with a View as an express mask on freshly cleansed skin to deeply nourish and maximize its hydration level.
Don’t use random quality products just because they come in travel size – instead place a bit of your favorite cleanser into a small plastic container while still home and use Cotarde skin creams.

Note: your cleanser’s travel-size container must not exceed 3.3oz/100ml if you are planning to keep it in your hand luggage.

Double it

Do you remember to cleanse skin and apply a moisturizer at least twice a day?
These basic steps are crucial to maintaining a healthy look. Use as much as double the amount of cleanser to purify and comfort skin, and double the usual amount of your cream when you travel –
this extra nourishment and hydration will not go unnoticed.

Note: light lotions won’t do – your skin needs more texture to stay nourished and well-hydrated. Cotarde textures are ideal for air travel – smooth, soft and creamy but not too heavy.

Keep it simple

Don’t overwhelm your skin with too many different products, especially make-up, heavy perfumes or hair care, or with too many new products in general (you never know how your skin will react, and traveling is probably not the best time to take risks). Dare to go make-up free. This way your skin has better chances to feel and look its best.

Note: Cotarde DayDream Mousse Cream features a natural peachy pink color shade that improves and evens out the skin's appearance. You may use it on your eyelids (avoid direct contact with eyes), cheeks and lips to boost their natural color.

Boost your energy

Although exercising might be a challenge when you sit for several hours in a plane, it’s possible and vital to maintain a radiant look by activating skin cells with a self face massage and body micro-workout. They increase blood flow and cellular oxygen intake making you look and feel more energized.

Note: always clean hands first before touching your face – use hand sanitizer to remove germs.

Dry, drier…
no more

Everyone who travels knows all too well how ultra-dry onboard air makes the skin thirsty, dry, and sometimes itchy. Although the air itself is clean, its high-speed super-dry flow spreads microbes, causing micro-inflammation that may lead to breakouts and blemishes (not to mention the grayish, pale skin with the inevitable red spots). Use Cotarde Face with a View Concentrated Cream before boarding or a few minutes after. Apply diligently if your skin has a tendency to become dry.

Tip: for extra effectiveness, use it as an express mask when on board – apply a generous amount and leave on for one minute, then massage in with upward movements and remove excess with your fingers (use it on your hands – they too need nourishment under skin-drying conditions).
Do not rinse off.

…or oilier
and oilier skin

Skin producing excessive oil as a result of skin de-hydration, creates a perfect base for bacteria. To reduce and regulate shine, blot your skin regularly during a long-haul flight with a clean tissue or blotting paper.

Note: avoid wiping, rubbing or spreading bacteria by touching skin repeatedly with an already-used tissue. Instead, pat skin gently and make sure to use a fresh tissue.

Lock water in

As the air onboard is very dry (under 15% water content), your body loses moisture every time you exhale, soaking up water from wherever it can. You will see fellow passengers spraying water on their skin, which in turn makes it even drier.

Note: Spraying water on your face is a good idea only if followed with a great moisturizer to prevent it from evaporating. Use Cotarde Face with a View Concentrated Cream to maximize the effect of water spraying. Drink it too – drinking water is vital to maintaining a fresh-faced look and reducing dark undereye circles and a gray skin tone. Staying hydrated before, during and after a flight helps to ease body fatigue
and jet lag.

Tip: as hard as it may be try to avoid coffee and tea, as well as bubbly or alcohol beverages – they all dehydrate the skin.

Cut back on

Sitting on a plane for several hours means your body needs fewer calories than when standing or moving. Avoid salty, sugary, and fatty foods. Instead choose light easy-to-digest snacks, filled with lean proteins, such as nuts, crackers, yoghurt or fruit (orange, banana) on short flights and skinless chicken or turkey-breast on long-haul flights.

seat rule

When you want this peaceful place onboard, make sure to apply extra sunscreen over your skin care as the UV rays shining through the plane’s window are much stronger at a high altitude, where you are closer to the light source.

Light up

Usually the type of lighting used in airports and on planes is unflattering. While it may not be a big issue when you travel overnight, during the day it makes quite a difference on how your skin appears to you and others (also affecting the way you apply makeup).

Tip: Use Cotarde DayDream Mousse Cream boasting a natural light peachy pink shade to boost your complexion’s radiance instantly. You’ll see the difference within 30 seconds!

Get off smoothly

Towards the end of the flight, start preparing to look fresh at your destination. Order water with ice to drink (ice cubes can be used to reduce eye swelling: simply move them around your eyes without applying too much pressure, and focus on the undereye area). Use Cotarde DayDream Mousse Cream for an instantly smooth, radiant appearance. Within 30 seconds your skin will feel and look much better.

Tip: For an extra effect apply as an express mask – use liberally and leave on for one minute, then massage delicately with upward movements. Remove excess with your fingers (and smooth remaining amount into your hands).
Do not rinse off.

Post-flight must do

Cleanse your skin as soon as you get to your hotel to remove dead cells that have accumulated during air travel, as well as acne-causing bacteria, make-up residue and oil. Feeling self-confident about your skin after a flight is possible. Enjoy your journey and forget about your skin's less-than-perfect appearance – we have it all sorted!

How to perform a self face massage on a plane?

As always, we want you to enjoy instant benefits in a simple way. Cotarde self-massage methods can be simply performed on a plane and allow your skin to remain fresh-faced on the outside and rejuvenated on the inside.  A self face massage can also help relieve stress and reduce tension, relaxing your face and improving its appearance. 2-3 minutes are just enough to perform our express onboard massages – no need to overdo it! Always apply moderate amount of cream to cleansed skin and massage in with large circular motions. Using cream for your massage facilitates movement and prevents skin from rubbing.

Exercise when you fly a.k.a. body mini-workout on an airplane seat.

When you are up in the air for a while, you may feel low. To keep your mood and look elevated during a long-haul flight, the Cotarde onboard body mini-workout is a discreet yet efficient option. Here are some examples of how to instantly boost your body’s energy and switch off its "stiff mode":

  • Roll your ankles, fists and shoulders. Repeat 5 times.

  • Lift your legs together while sitting on your seat. Pull your knees up and down without touching the floor. Repeat 5 times and whenever you feel your body getting super stiff.

  • Make circles – lift your legs with knees together and make circles without touching the floor. Repeat 5 times in both directions.

  • Raise your toes while keeping heels on the floor then raise your heels with toes on the floor. Repeat occasionally while flying.

  • Sit up straight and put your arms on the armrest. Move your legs up and down as much as possible and repeat several times during the flight.

  • Make fists with your hands and place them next to you close to your knees. Push your weight forward and pull yourself up (your feet and butt should not touch the floor and seat respectively). Hold this position as long as you can. Repeat 5 times.

  • Kegel exercises are a great idea to working on core and pelvic floor muscles. Simply squeeze your floor muscles for 5 seconds, and then release for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

  • Put a book between your knees and squeeze. This will also work on your core and pelvic floor.

  • Open up your chest - sit up straight, clasp your hands behind your back and pull your shoulders back.

Remember to drink plenty of water onboard and get up and move around as much as possible. Even changing sitting position during the flight helps to fuel your body's energy.

Note: Never exercise when the "fasten your seat belt" sign is on. The clothing you wear onboard is important. Loose, comfortable clothes make onboard exercise easier while wearing jeans adds extra resistance to the moves.

Using Cotarde products between flights or when not traveling.

If you see the difference in your skin (and we believe you will), there is no reason to stop using Cotarde just because you are not up in the air. Yes, Cotarde products are dedicated to travelers who are exposed to ever-changing external conditions (such as pollution, dry air with circulating bacteria, air conditioning, rain and wind), and inner factors (such as prolonged stress, hormonal/diet imbalance, lack of sleep, body fatigue, etc.) that affect the skin's appearance. We have (and always will have) our products tested in an environments to match busy lifestyles that involves more and more traveling. And yet, aren’t these conditions similar to what we normally face in our daily life (even without hopping on a plane)? Think of long working hours in an office (with air conditioning, bacteria, dry air, strong white light), lack of time for beauty sleep every week, running around on a busy schedule full of stress-inducing situations, the challenge of maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine. These factors affect your skin condition in a similar way, so give it a try and see the difference with Cotarde on a daily basis - navigate through your life freely.