Moisturize, moisturize… moisturize!

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This is our very first entry in Cotarde skincare journal, and while we have great plans to touch on multiple skincare issues and some of the questions you’ve been asking about, I thought I’d like to start with the most important step to looking great at any age, in any conditions, no matter your skin type.

That is to moisturize it. I can’t stress enough the importance of this step, especially at times when a myriad of “miraculous serums” and other “wonders-making” products get so much hype on social media and elsewhere, the old-fashioned, boring face cream application might be easily neglected or even skipped altogether. And what a mistake that is. No other product, at least not from my perspective as a product developer, has a chance to lock the water sufficiently for the skin to get that extra protective barrier in the polluted world we live in nowadays. No other product can relieve dry skin from its itchy feeling after taking a shower, or bring back the glow to a tired skin after a late night party.

The thing is – many people use the wrong moisturizer. I’m not saying its formula is bad, I’m saying its formula may be wrong for your skin needs. 

So if you feel, after applying your day cream or night cream, that the skin could still get more of something creamy... If you feel like the skin is not “satisfied” and aches for another layer, most likely you’re using the wrong product. If your skin gets red or feels sensitive or itchy after your cream’s application, that’s a sure sign of using the wrong product. Not to mention you should stop using it immediately!

How does the right moisturizer feel on the skin? First of all, it provides immediate relief. You feel like your skin can be itself again – no pressure, no itching, no redness or any tension whatsoever. The texture must blend in within your skin, you should sense that almost immediately. The right cream works with your skin, not against it. You won’t get any skin irritation, instead you’ll feel like it provides the “second skin”. And it lasts the whole day or night, your skin should not feel “thirsty” (read: dry) at any given point during the day or night. Look for one that feels this way, it’s worth it.




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